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Dynamic Sales Coaching:

 Dynamic Sales Coaching delivers transformational sales coaching at very reasonable prices with a very unique approach. We combine proven sales solutions and closing strategies with leadership development and personal relationships training to help you close more sales. 

Dynamic Sales Coaching also offers sales manager coaching on an individual basis as well as live sales seminars and sales management coaching to companies that want to close more sales and maximize their sales revenues.

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Notes from Mike Petrusek:

I don't want to bore you with my long resume so I just want to say that I have had a long journey in the sales business over forty years. I have been in Real Estate sales, Auto sales, Automotive after market sales and Mortgage sales. After the mortgage meltdown in 2008, I went to work for a large bank as a lead underwriter selling mortgage modification solutions to bank customers and their attorneys. I also possess over 30 years of sales management experience and have hired, trained and coached hundreds of sales professionals.


Take Advantage of My Vast Experience:

Take advantage of my forty years of sales experience to shortcut your learning curve. I offer one on one expert sales coaching that will save you the time and pain of trial and error. Why learn the hard way when there is a sales coaching platform available that can help you bypass all of the pain? All of my expert sales coaching is guaranteed to help you close more sales. You can view endorsements from people that I have worked with on the testimonials page on this website.

Schedule your free phone session to discover how my expert sales coaching will help you close more sales. I also recommend that you download my 34 page Ebook and get your free sales tips. There are links to both below for your convenience.

To Your Sales Success,

Mike Petrusek

CEO: Dynamic Sales Coaching, LLC.

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Your Personal Satisfaction is Guaranteed:

All of my Expert Sales Coaching is guaranteed. If after 2 hours of sales coaching you don't feel that you will close more sales as a result of my sales coaching, I will refund your money. This personal guarantee applies to all of my sales coaching packages. 

To Your Sales Success, 

Mike Petrusek