Expert Sales Management Coaching


Transforming Your Sales Team to Maximize Production:

If your company is struggling with sales production, you have landed on the right web page. Dynamic Sales Coaching LLC provides transformational sales management coaching at a reasonable price. Proven solutions to transform your sales team and maximize your company's sales production. 

When you are paying big dollars for salaries and benefits, you need to be certain that your team is performing at its maximum potential so that you can leverage those investment dollars. Our Expert Sales Management Coaching can be your insurance policy that guarantees maximum return on your investment dollars. 


Sales Systems:

Sales Systems are the master key that can manifest maximum sales performance. Without a system your company's sales performance will be average at best. Sales systems are a proven pathway for your sales team to consistently close more sales. 


One of the greatest football coaches of all time stated,"Our team has one heartbeat." Every great football team is on the same page on every play, how else could it be if they expect to win a championship. Just like every outstanding football team, your sales team needs to be one heartbeat and needs to be on the same page on every play. Schedule a free discovery phone session to learn more.


Individual Sales Manager Coaching:

If you are a sales manager and want to take your income to the next level, I recommend my expert One on One Sales Manager Coaching. Ten hours of custom tailored coaching reasonably priced at $997. This package is a $5000 value and could go up based on demand and availability. 

Schedule your free phone session to discover how we can work together to help you become an outstanding sales manager and make the Big $$$$$$$ that you deserve. 

- Guarantee -

Your Personal Satisfaction is Guaranteed:

All of my Expert Sales Management and Sales Manager Coaching is guaranteed. If after 2 hours of sales manager coaching you don't feel that you will become a better sales manager, or that your team will close more sales as a result of my sales coaching, I will refund your money. 

To Your Sales Success, 

Mike Petrusek