Expert Sales Coaching to Close More Sales


Forty Years of Sales Experience is the Driving Force:

Something that I learned over my forty year career is that no matter what you are selling the basics are the same. You need a high level of self-confidence, personal relationships expertise, a powerful reputation, leadership skills and proven sales solutions. It is a puzzle that has five pieces. 

When searching the internet for sales coaching you will find that other coaching programs are mainly about basic sales solutions, they only coach one piece of the puzzle. If you want to make big bank in sales you will need more than just basic sales and closing strategies. 


The Dynamic Sales Coaching Advantage:

What separates Dynamic Sales Coaching from the others is that we coach all five pieces of the puzzle to maximize your sales intelligence so that you can manifest a rapid career transformation and close more sales. For more information Download my free sales guide

I offer two one on one sales coaching packages to get you on the fast track. Both are custom tailored to your individual situation and experience level and both are very reasonably priced.


Expert One on One Sales Coaching:

I highly recommend my "One on One Total Sales Coaching Package." Twenty hours of one on one sales coaching that addresses all five pieces of the puzzle. Very reasonably priced at $1797. Other coaches have advised that this coaching package is a $10,000 value. So take advantage of the low price before it goes up. 


I also offer my "Dynamic Sales Solutions" package. Eight hours of coaching to supercharge your sales presentation, closing strategies and self confidence. You can purchase this coaching package for the low price of $697. Schedule your free phone session for more details. 

- Guarantee -

Your Personal Satisfaction is Guaranteed:

All of my One on One Expert Sales Coaching is guaranteed. If after 2 hours of sales coaching you don't feel that you will close more sales as a result of my sales coaching, I will refund your money. This personal guarantee applies to all of my sales coaching packages.

To Your Sales Success,
Mike Petrusek